The "Mage's Dungeon" is an empty level designed to be a "tutorial" space that can be filled with mechanics and enemies as needed. This was developed over the course of three months, and focused on level design from a modular approach utilizing procedural generation, VFX, and exploring lighting and material contrasts.

Every year, DigiPen Institute of Technology sends two booths to Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) West, one dedicated to our Outreach Department, and the other booth is used to show the public what DigiPen students spend their days doing. The DigiPen Student Booth is located in the Annex of the Seattle Convention Center, and sees hundreds of guests every year.

"I Am Gooey" is an angled top-down puzzle/adventure game, where the player plays as "Gooey", a lava slime.


Gooey's goal is to ascend the tower the game takes place in, to become the Sun before time runs out. 

"I Am Gooey" was a showcase project for the DigiPen Student Booth at PAX West 2019 and DreamHack Atlanta 2019.

This project is available to download for free on:


DigiPen Game Gallery:

"Song of Life" is an angled top-down puzzle/adventure game, where the player plays as "Ollie", a child living in the forest with their mother.


Ollie's goal is to clear the forest of "Silence" to cure their mother and restore the forest to its previous beauty.

"DYNO-Mech Gladiators" is a four player, tabletop team tactics game centering on pilots of dinosaur-shaped mechs, competing in a sport-like arena. 

Players choose from a roster of eight separate characters, each with their own backstories, abilities, and appearances. 

The goal is to score 20 points within 6 rounds, as determined by the players' turn order. In the case that neither team gets to 20 points, the team that scored more points wins.