Hello, I'm David. 

Nice to meet you!

I am entering my final semester at DigiPen Institute of Technology working toward a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design with a minor in Psychology. I serve as the Project Manager and the Level Designer for a five-person student team, Running on Empty. I am currently working in Unreal Engine 4, and I am also experienced with both Unity and custom engines, and custom hardware.


At present, I am seeking employment or internship opportunities in level/encounter design or project management but am open to discussing related opportunities.


I am passionate about creating engaging experiences with talented teams and learning new technologies. I constantly strive to create fantastic games for people that can withstand the test of time.


Disclaimer: The following references are pulled from my LinkedIn page, located at: linkedin.com/in/d-robson
Andrew Margarella, Junior Engineer at Hardsuit Labs

"I had the pleasure of working with David much of 2018 on Striker Air Hockey, and later Frames. He's a skilled engineer and able to find the answers to questions most of the team didn't know to ask. Besides his engineering talent, he is an amazing project manager. No matter how many different directions the team was pulling, he was always able to direct that energy into building something amazing. Long story short, no matter what challenges this industry throws at you, David is exactly the kind of guy you want in your corner."

Christopher Onorati, Lab Manager at DigiPen

"The level of motivation, integrity, and thoughtfulness that is coupled together within David is a rare treat to see in a designer. Providing mentorship throughout the last year and a half to David at the time of writing, the growth he has had not only as a designer, but as a leader has been something I rarely see in students. On numerous projects, whether solo or team-based, David breaks down the data before him, turning an acceptable project into an excelling one - in record time to boot. Meticulous in whatever job he is performing, I would be confident that whatever task David sets out to do will turn out a success. I would recommend David for any systems design or production role, with full confidence."

Rachel Rutherford, Senior Lecturer at DigiPen

"David Robson is an exceptionally hard-working and multi-faceted designer. At DigiPen Institute of Technology, he stands out for his strength, commitment, and absolute willingness to help. I have worked with him on his game teams in my Game Project classes, and have also hired him to help plan and manage DigiPen’s massive PAX booth. In both capacities, he has proven tireless, warm, inventive, and core. He brings a rich array of skills – game design, technical and Unity fluency, hardware design, IT experience, teaching, production, leadership – as well as a rock-solid work ethic. When you work with David, on the surface, you get a friendly helpful powerhouse, who dives in and helps everywhere; but underneath, you get a rigorous, thoughtful mind, which is always focused on how to improve the game experience itself, in any way possible; and which is always seeking to learn. Adding David levels up not only the game, but the team and organization as well."

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